Sunox Clear Masking Film 5m x 120m


SUNOX Clear Masking Film 5M x 120M


SUNOX Clear Masking Film is a high density polythene film suitable for use on exterior applications.

The product consists of a self-wound, folded, co-extruded custom polythene film which contains antioxidant and a custom formulated additive.

The product is full side corona treated to hold mist and general paint over spray during the spraying process.

High impact and tensile strength with balance tear properties.

Tough, tear resistant clear masking film.

9 micron premium formulation minimises the risk of ghost marking and allows it to withstand temperatures up to 80ºC.


Seamless blending from old to new paintwork

Ideal for body swage lines

No paint edges

Non stretch

Available in 2 size for every occasion (4M & 5M)

More absorbent

Dispensing box – easy to use

Where / How to use:

Choose the swage line to blend up to.

Apply the tape onto the panel next to the swage line ensuring that the tape edge is level with the panel bend. Then mask the rest of the vehicle.

After masking, spray the panel as normal.

Ensure the paintwork is dry before de-masking.

Remove the masking material exposing the seamless transition.

This will now result in a seamless transition between old and new paintwork along the swage line edge – avoiding any unnecessary rework.